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eCRIME does not discriminate, eCRIME affects adults and children alike

Christine Pratt - National Bullying Helpline

eCRIME and Cyberbullying support.

Helpline's across the UK receive daily calls and emails from distressed adults and children who are angry, upset, frightened and confused. Often, these callers do not know what to do next, having received abusive postings or finding themselves, or a loved one, on the receiving end of an eCRIME hate campaign.


Despite this problem of epic proportion, there is a great deal you can do to protect yourself. Below you will find information and contact details for some of the leading organisations that support people being bullied.


We also recommend that you go to the National Bullying helpline site for more information

two girls supporting each other because of bullying

eCRIME and Cyberbullying Helplines

The National Bullying Helpline

0845 22 55 787


0800 1111


020 8896 3675

Bullying UK

0808 800 2222

The Samaritans

08457 90 90 90

Swindon's Women’s Aid

01793 610 610

Cruise Bereavement Care

0844 477 9400

eCRIME and Cyberbullying Professional and Solicitors

HR & Diversity  Management

01793 33 8888

Website >

Taylor Fordyce Solicitors

01962 841041

The UK’s only charitable organisation addressing Adult Bullying and Child Bullying.

The National Bullying Helpline is a nationally recognised advice centre, endorsed by The Rt.Hon David Cameron,

The Employment Tribunal Service, ACAS, Citizens Advice, OFSTED, The Samaritans, UK Employment Law

Solicitors, GP surgeries UK wide, the NHS and other UK employers in the public and private sector.


The helpline was founded as early as 2003 and was the very first UK helpline which provided assistance to individuals struggling with bullying issues, whatever the nature of the abuse. Today, the helpline is unique in that it is the only helpline of its kind, established by qualified employment law professionals, providing operational, timely, support to both adults and children – whether the bullying is in the home, the community, the playground, the workplace or on-line (ie: Cyberbullying).

The National Bullying Helpline

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Find help and advice on the following: