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"eCRIME or Cyberbullying is a 21st Century problem of epic proportion without a 21st Century solution"

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Cyberbullying, Cybercirme or Online Bullying are all forms of eCRIME

Bullying online or the use of technology-driven antisocial behaviour, commonly referred to as cyberbullying, are all forms of ecrime. We hope that this eCRIME Action website will give the public ‘choice’ in terms of help-lines, guidance and expertise available to take pressure off Parents, Schools and the Police.


Whatever your age or background we hope to provide you with useful tips, common-sense approaches, advice and practical information regarding cyberbullying.


If you are receiving death threats or at risk of self-harm, or harm from another person due to cyber related crime, you should dial 101.  The Police in your community will, of course, take each case on merit and act accordingly.  Alternatively, go to our SUPPORT page for a list of organisations that may be able to help you.

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eCRIME Action is part of the National Bullying Helpline, our objectives are simple and clear

Our objective is to continue working towards eradicating anti-social behaviour in all corners of our society and occasionally that involves campaigning, speaking out and raising awareness. We hope this eCRIME Action site will enable the Emergency Services to focus on the life-threatening and urgent eCRIME cases. We want to take pressure off charities & voluntary organisations working in this area of cyber safety and ensure society is kept informed of practical options and solutions.


We can offer practical help and guidance for children and parents dealing with online bullying or abuse. We have information for employers and managers related to bullying at work using technology as well as support topics for staff.

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What is Cyberbullying and eCRIME

What can I do about Cyberbullying

Help and Support related to online bullying

eCRIME is any form of anti-social behaviour over the internet or via a mobile device.  It is an attack or abuse, using technology, which is intended to cause another person harm, distress or personal loss.

If someone has posted false and malicious things about you on the internet or on a social networking site, it may be regarded as harassment and bullying. Find out what you can do to protect yourself

Helpline's across the UK receive daily calls and emails from distressed adults and children who are angry, upset, frightened and confused.  Often, these callers do not know what to do next

The National Bullying Helpline

The UK’s only charitable organisation addressing Adult Bullying and Child Bullying.

The NAtional Bullying Helpline are a nationally recognised advice centre, endorsed by The Rt.Hon David Cameron, The Employment Tribunal Service, ACAS, Citizens Advice, OFSTED, The Samaritans, UK Employment Law Solicitors, GP surgeries UK wide, the NHS and other UK employers in the public and private sector - and you. Most of the above refer cases to us.


The helpline was founded as early as 2003 and was the very first UK helpline which provided assistance to individuals struggling with bullying issues, whatever the nature of the abuse. Today, the helpline is unique in that it is the only helpline of its kind, established by qualified employment law professionals, providing operational, timely, support to both adults and children – whether the bullying is in the home, the community, the playground, the workplace or on-line (ie: Cyberbullying).

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National Policing Lead for ACPO Communication Advisory Group Chief Constable Andy Trotter said:


“People may think they can remain anonymous when they are online, that they can hide, say and do things they wouldn’t dream of doing in real life without consequences or being found out; this is not the case.


“Reports of credible threats and communications made over social media that specifically target an individual and constitute harassment will be taken very seriously by the police and investigated.


Please call your local police force on 101 if you think you are being harassed or threatened online.”